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Perfect for those interested in german u boat lore during ww ii. Browse the amazon editors picks for the best books of 2019, featuring our. Kurson an account of two divers and their crew who discover and explore, over 5 year period, a wwii german submarine off the coast of new jersey in 1991. Gary gentiles selfpublished, nonfiction book shadow divers exposed. Shadow divers exposed works on a multitude of levels. It turns out that herbert guschewski, one of two radio operators aboard the sub, had been taken off the uboat with pleurisy just before it set sail on its final voyage. In june 1999, nova producer rush denooyer interviewed guschewski. Again, our topic is naval warfare in wwii for the most part. The snorkel was a twin airintake and exhaust tube that permitted a submerged submarine to operate its diesel engines instead of the much weaker electrical engines. On 31 august, 1997 these same divers reported evidence that the boat they found is u869 knife inscribed with a u869 crew members name, uzo torpedo aiming device, machinerynumbers from. German submarine u869 was a type ixc40 uboat of nazi germanys kriegsmarine during world war ii, whose wreck was discovered off the coast of new jersey in 1991. Uboat 869 sank with all hands off new jersey in wwii. A personal account of the german u boat battles of world war ii by. Shadow divers published in 2004 is a nonfictional book by robert kurson recounting of the discovery of a world war ii german u boat 60 miles 97 km off the coast of new jersey, united states in 1991.

It was when the first books about the submarine war were published after the war. The uboat war in world war two kriegsmarine, 19391945 and world war one kaiserliche marine, 19141918 and the allied efforts to counter the threat. It presents the actual circumstances that surrounded the loss of the u869. A 78yearold man came forth and announced that he was the sole survivor of u869. Part of the story of the book is not only exploring the submarine but also trying to figure out which one it is. The u869 was one of more than 1,200 uboats that were constructed for the nazi war machine. A german uboat was found off the coast of new jersey, usa on 2 sept, 1991 by several divers. The information contained in this report was developed by the authors over a six year period with the assistance of numerous other divers, historians, and war veterans. The boat is u869, a submarine previously thought lost off the coast of morocco. The true adventure of two americans who risked everything to solve one of the last mysteries of wwii 2005 ballentine books, isbn 0345 482476.

They shared their memories and photographs with me, and i began to understand who the men of u869 were and what their lives had been like. U869, a type ixc uboat under the command of kapitanleutnant helmut neuerburg, left kiel, germany on november 23, 1944 for snorkel training at horten, norway. Shadow divers published in 2004 is a nonfictional book by robert kurson recounting of the discovery of a world war ii german uboat 60 miles 97 km off the coast of new jersey. Bernie chowdhury would author the book, the last dive, about the deaths of. It provides an overview of the uboat war through accounts of other uboat losses. The details of the discovery and identification of the u boat were documented in a two hour nova program, hitlers lost sub, and in a new book shadow divers by robert kurson. The discovery of the wreck of a german submarine off the coast of new jersey in. It puts the discovery of the u869 into perspective with other uboats that have been found in american waters. It was commissioned on 26 january 1944 with kapitanleutnant helmuth neuerburg in command. By john chatterton, richard kohler, and john yurga.

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