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Continue to add oxygen until neutral flame is established. Because this is achieved by oxidation, it is only effective. Preheat flames are used to raise the surface or edge of the steel to approximately 1800f bright red color. If you light up the tip and the flame is away from the tip, decrease the acetylene pressure and let the flame come back against the tip. The preheat oxygen and fuel are first mixed, and the mixture ignites as it issues from the outer ring of orifices as preheating flames. Now open both cylinders valves no specific order but only open the acetylene tank about a 12 turn, the oxygen should be opened all the way. Oxygenacetylene cutting definition of oxygenacetylene. Fusion weldinga welding process that joins metals by heating them to be a melting point and allowing them to fuse or flow together. Fundamentals of gas cutting and welding ced engineering.

Agptek oxygen acetylene flashback arrestors set regulator end 916 18 threads b size. If there is too much acetylene, flame breaks away from the tip. To secure a neutral flame, always start with an excess of acetylene, then increase the flow of oxygen or decrease the flow of acetylene until the acetylene feather disappears from the center cone. Inside buildings, cylinders are stored in wellprotected, wellventilated, dry locations at least 20 feet from highly combustible material such as oil. Lets give our fellow members information based on fact, not fiction. Oxyacetylene cutting can be used to cut thicknesses from 28. Safe operating procedures sop 15 oxy acetylene cutting. Always turn acetylene on first when igniting torch. Oxygen acetylene cutting definition is gas cutting with oxygen and acetylene. Cutting torch tips for oxygen acetylene cutting youtube.

The cuttingnozzle has a number of small jets and a space around the central large jet for oxygen pressure. Open acetylene torch valve 14 turn, light acetylene. Victor series 3 acetylene cutting tips victor series 3 type 101 general purpose hand and machine torch cutting data compiled using mild steel as test material. Oxygen and acetylene in approximately equal proportions are burnt at the small jets. French engineers edmond fouche and charles picard became the first to develop oxygenacetylene welding in 1903. The flow of fuel is controlled by the torch fuel valve and the flow of preheat oxygen is governed by the valve on the side of the cutting attachment. Screw in the oxygen thandle adjusting valve to working pressure for welding, always use tip size for pressure.

Then purge the acetylene gas line and check for constant gas flow. These pressure gauges are specifically used in oxygencutting equipment. Introduction to gas welding and cutting a pdh online course. Oxyfuel welding commonly called oxyacetylene welding, oxy welding, or gas welding in the united states and oxyfuel cutting are processes that use fuel gases or liquid fuels such as gasoline and oxygen to weld or cut metals. The oxyacetylene torch is a safe tool if used properly. Harris hxt extra heavy duty ironworker 510 male oxygen acetylene torch kit 4400368. Sep 23, 2011 using a cutting torch is serious stuff. Bulk acetylene can be also used as a raw material in the chemicals processing industry for the production of organic compounds, including acetaldehyde, acetic acid and acetic. Gas welding oxy acetylene ppt video online download. Open the acetylene needle valve on the torch and which is blown or washed out of the kerf by the force allow gas in the hose to escape for 5 to 15 seconds.

Black steel case and polished brass case are available. Mixtures of fuel gases and air or oxygen may be explosive and shall be guarded against. Safety in gas welding, cutting and similar processes. Oxyfuel cutting uses acetylene and oxygen to preheat metal to red hot and then uses pure oxygen to burn away the preheated metal. Use the diagram provided to compare and contrast what is similar, and what is different the oxy acetylene welding, and oxyfuel cutting processes.

Legally binding document step out from the old to the newjawaharlal nehru invent a new india using knowledge. However, if it is used incorrectly, serious injury can occur to you and the equipment. Open the acetylene blowpipe handpiece valve very slightly and light with a flint lighter only. Oxygen consumption can be reduced by up to 30% speed. It comprises oxygen and acetylene gases stored under pressure in steel. Setup and shutdown procedure for oxy fuel cutting torch. Oxyfuel cutting is a thermal cutting process that uses oxygen and fuel gas such as acetylene, propane, mapp, propylene and natural gas to cut through materials. Follow manufacturer instructions and teacher demonstrations to install gauges, check valves, hoses, and blow pipes cracking valves and testing for leaks. How to use a oxygen acetylene cutting torch snapguide. Others want to carry documents around with them on their mobile phones and read while they are on the move.

Acetylene has the highest flame temperature of any common hydrocarbon. A practical manual of oxy acetylene welding and cutting with a treatise on acetylene and oxygen, by p. The harris hxt is an extraheavy duty welding and cutting out t that includes model 450 regulators, model 432 combination torch handle and 733 cutting attachment. Download oxyacetylene welding and cutting pdf file size. Normal air contains 21% of oxygen and the way in which common materials burn in it is well known.

Oxyacetylene cutting safety in agriculture osha standard 1910. Purge the oxygen gas line and check for constant gas flow. Cutting speed is often 30% faster than an acetylene based system. Equipment oxyacetylene equipment is portable and easy to use. Many people prefer to read offline or to print out text and read from the real printed page.

Welding manuals stick mig tig oxy acetylene plasma cutting. Acetylene valve should be opened 14 turn and oxygen valve should be opened all the way. This course content is in the following pdf document. Pdf version 30 kb fires and explosions due to the misuse of oxygen. The unit can be used for oxygen acetylene or oxygen propane. Cutting with the oxyfuel process is just the opposite from of welding. Acetylene pressures above 150kpa can result in a fire or explosion. Turn your oxygen valve on all the way, then turn your acetylene valve a 1615 of a turn. The chemical action of the oxyacetylene flame can be adjusted by changing the ratio of the volume of oxygen to acetylene, using the valves on the torch or blowpipe. It can be used for cutting steel, welding steel, brazing and for heating metal. Feb 15, 2017 this video will demonstrate the safe use of an oxygen acetylene torch to cut metal.

Its pretty safe when used properly, but not safe at all when not used properly. Pressure settings for cutting 38 12 material are based on 25 of 14 hose. How to properly use an oxygen acetylene torch for cutting. Acetylene is principally used for oxyacetylene cutting, heat treating, and welding. How to operate an oxyacetylene cutting torch snapguide. Oxygen and acetylene cylinders are kept away from radiators and other sources of heat. This is not a comprehensive oxyfuel safety course by any means but i tried. Oxyfuel cutting is a chemical reaction between pure oxygen and steel to form iron oxide.

Set your acetylene to between 57 psi pounds per square inch. First close the acetylene knob all the way until the flame is extinguished. Equipment for oxyacetylene welding job knowledge twi. Turn the acetylene knob on the cutting torch about a quarter of a turn and light the acetylene. When using oxyacetylene a special torch or cutting blowpipe is necessary. In concentrations higher than 21%, however, the situation is different. Caution to prevent the blowing of molten slag back into the operators face, take the following precautions. Turn off oxygen torch valve you will have purged the oxygen line. The oxyfuel process is the most widely applied industrial thermal cutting process because it can cut thicknesses from 0. Supacut quickly and easily cuts through steel up to 4 with the appropriate hand piece and cutting tip can cut to 12.

Bulk acetylene can be also used as a raw material in the chemicals processing industry for the production of organic compounds, including acetaldehyde, acetic acid and acetic anhydride. Download oxy acetylene welding and cutting pdf file size. An excess of acetylene is easy to spot, but an excess of oxygen is difficult to spot except that it will cause molten metal to spark excessively. Welding and cutting with oxygenfuel gas checklist checkbuster. Instruction manual welding, brazing, heating, cutting.

Oxyacetylene cutting safety occupational safety and. Oxygen gasoline cutting torch kit manual save big vs. The oxyacetylene torch can be used for various tasks. Occupational safety division, central welding supply. Safety with oxyacetylene welding or cutting irish oxygen. Acetylene uses red markings and hoses and oxygen uses green markings and hoses. The equipment can become contaminated with oil or grease which might result in a fire or explosion. Acetylene is lefthanded threads and oxygen is righthanded threads. With a two hose cutting torch, preheat pressure is set by the cutting oxygen. The torch body we use for welding is a standard torch body.

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