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A legal action started by a plaintiff against a defendant based on a complaint that the defendant failed to perform a legal duty which resulted in harm to the plaintiff. This guide is intended to help nonlawyers understand legal phrases and to give lawyers guidance in explaining the legal phrases they use. Names of writs mandamus, certiorari and terminology for case names versus, ex rel. Many lawyers are now adopting a plain english style.

If a certain expression has two or more possible translations, here we give you only what it means in the legal context. Law latin, and included various legal terms of french origin, as well as english words when clerks did not know the latin. Legal templates cannot and does not provide legal advice or legal representation. List of legal latin terms synonyms, list of legal latin terms pronunciation, list of legal latin terms translation, english dictionary definition of list of legal latin terms. The latin term, apparently a variant on maxima, is not to be found in roman law with any meaning exactly analogous to that of a legal maxim in the medieval or modern sense of the word, but the treatises of many of the roman jurists on regular definitions, and sententiae juris are, in some measure, collections of maxims. Glossary of legal latin a fortiori from stronger argument used to express a conclusion for which there is stronger evidence than for a previously accepted one ab initio from the beginning if a contract is void say for mistake ab initio, this has the consequence that no. Important legal terms lawyers, paralegals, and law students should recognize. For help with downloading a wikipedia page as a pdf, see help. A term to indicate another name by which a person is known. List of legal latin terms definition of list of legal.

For the definition of a legal term, enter a word or phrase below. We have tried to compile a few of them so that it might prove helpful for you all and the rest of the legal terms and maxims section will be provided later. The reason for this is that ancient romes legal system has had a strong influence on the legal systems of most western countries. Its a collection of over a thousand common legal terms defined in simple, everyday language. Acronym that stands for also known as and introduces any alternative or assumed names or aliases of an individual. Some latin terms have been given judicial or statutory meanings and have become terms. A legal term that is used to indicate a legal proceeding held. E v e r s h e d s e u r o p e a n d i c t i o n a r y o f s e l e c t e d l e g a l t e r m s eversheds in europe european dictionary of selected legal terms the words you need, the languages you need them in. Accessory not the perpetrator of the crime but in some way involved without being present in the commission of the crime.

This is a partial list of these legal latin terms, which are wholly or substantially drawn from latin. To deny an individual his personal liberty by placing him under the jurisdiction of the law. More commonly, the term means the whole body of lawyers. If a contract is entered under false pretenses, a judge can decide that the contract never existed and is therefore nonbinding. An attempt is made to not only state the legal principle. Although commonly referred to as the guilty act this is rather simplistic, as the. This englishspanish dictionary of health related terms was developed for the use by health care personnel and other professionals working with the latino population in the united states. This chapter selectively seeks to explain some maximsphrases, which are relevant to tax context.

The a to z guide to legal phrases plain english campaign. However, the term ex parte is no longer generally used in civil proceedings, having been replaced by the phrase without notice. Latin for after the fact, which refers to laws adopted after an act is committed making it illegal although it was legal when done, or increasing the penalty for a crime after it is committed. Glossary of legal terms second judicial district court. Below is our growing list of legal definitions beginning with the letter i. The main purpose of the dictionary is to strengthen the means of communication between spanish speaking populations and the health workers serving. Basic legal terminology that may be covered in the texas legal interpreting written test. A proceeding in a court of law by which one party sues to secure the. Glossary of legal terminology most frequently used terms glossary of legal terminology edited and expanded by john lombardi aka.

If youve come across a term you dont quite understand, click the letter it starts with above. Glossary of common court, tribunal and legal terms for. Confidentiality is a hugely important legal and professional issue. The assize of novel disseisin gave to every man dispossessed of his land the right to seek a remedy, not in a local court administered and staffed by fellow landholders in the area, not in a church court, but in a royal court. The various provisions of a law, an ordinance, or a contractual agreement. Abduction taking away by violence or fraud and persuasion. The peoples law dictionary by gerald and kathleen hill publisher fine communications. Often used in reference to contracts, ab initio means a court decision is applied to the start of the issue as opposed to when problems arose. Dictionary of latin law terms affidavit standing law scribd. The definition list below gives latin to english translations for the most commonly used latin law terms. Whar tons work,which, perhaps, is the most popular of its kind. Test how well you know them by taking the trivia below. Included in the list below are definitions of some of the legal words and phrases you will need to know as law students, lawyers, and paralegals. Interpreting words without understanding the meaning and intent behind them can lead to misunderstandings and.

Lien a charge on specific property that is designed to secure payment of a debt or performance of an obligation. This dictionary of terms and legal definitions related to hazardous, medical and solid waste is a reference document developed by the new york state division of criminal justice services, office of justice systems analysis with partial funding by the departmnt of justice, bureau of justice statistics. Breach of contract breaking the terms agreed on in a contract bylaw law made by a local authority candidate attorney someone with a law degree who works for a law firm for two years before qualifying as an attorney. The taking of a person into custody by an officer of the law.

There are many legal maxims, which are commonly used. Legal maxims pdf file most lawyers love to throw around latin phrases. A legal theory alleging improper use by the defendant of a court process, such as a subpoena or lawsuit. The explanations in this guide are not intended to be straight alternatives. The glossary of common court, tribunal and legal terms for interpreters was developed to provide court interpreters with common legal terms and definitions to assist them in performing the specialist task of court interpreting. A collection of latin maxims and phrases literally translated. Why do so many legal terms come from the language of latin. An easytounderstand guide to the language of law from the dictionary experts at merriamwebster. Legal terminology is full of latin terms which are used regularly.

One who is an accessory to the crime cannot be guilty of a more serious crime than the principal offender actus reus. Legal maxim a legal maxim is an established principle or proposition. Lawyers use latin terms because they are a convenient shorthand. Dictionary of latin law terms free download as word doc. A lawyer is in the best position to advise you about your legal rights and responsibilities. This article provides you with an outline of some of the key issues of confidentiality. Many legal terms, initially developed through latinbased languages. A legal maxim or legal phrase elucidates or expounds a legal principle, proposition or concept. In past centuries, latin played the role of a common legal language, which was applied across the boundaries of local law. Something that exists in fact but not as a matter of law. A person who assists in the commission of a crime, either before or after the commission of the crime. In contract law, a release, absolution, or discharge from an.

Legal templates llc is not a lawyer, or a law firm and does not engage in the practice of law. Although it comprises over 60 pages with over 1,400 words explained, this is not a complete dictionary of legal terms in use in ireland. Deans law dictionary installs on your computer in just a few seconds. There are many legal phrases that nonlawyers dont understand. A glossary of constitutional terms digital himalaya. This list of common legal words was compiled by the connecticut judicial branch solely as a public service.

All information, software and services provided on the site are for informational purposes and selfhelp only and are not intended to be a substitute for a lawyer or. From the beginning accessorius sequitur definition. To find all definitions that include a specific term, enter a word or phrase below. In a way, latin can be called the common mother tongue of western european culture, which has influenced the development of. But there are still legal phrases that baffle nonlawyers. Pdf meaning of latin legal words faysal mustafa academia. Abstraction taking away with intent to harm or deceive. However, you also need to be able to distinguish between those that are proper legal terms like what parties, courts and judges are called and words like tort and action, and other legal expressions, and words. Top 119 legal maxims for law exams 2020 writinglaw. Search more than 10,000 legal words and phrases for clear definitions written in plain language.

Latin legal terms this is a wikipedia book, a collection of wikipedia articles that can be easily saved, imported by an external electronic rendering service, and ordered as a printed book. A collection of latin maxims and phrases literally. District for the language arts through latin project has greatly expanded the teaching of. A guilty act the prohibited conduct or behaviour that the law seeks to prevent. The public calling of the docket or list of cases for setting a time for trial, ruling on motion or entering orders caption. If there is a term you are looking for please use our search form below and enter the legal term. English term or phrase literal translation definition and use pronunciation. Deans law dictionary offers definitions for complex idiomatic laws such as felony murder, nuisance, negligence, insanity, or proximate cause. Term or phrase literal translation definition and use english pron a fortiori. For legal terms not referred to in this glossary, or for more. The writ is a court order to appear in court and answer to charges of the plaintiff. This legal glossary is a basic guide to common legal terms. We cut out the legalese so anyone can make sense of their agreements, contracts, and documents. As a law student, one of the things you must know is the different terminologies.

A number of latin terms are used in legal terminology and legal maxims. Abandon v abate v to abate a nuisance abatement abdicate v abdication abduct v abduction abet v to aid and abet abetment abeyance in abeyance ab initio abode abolish v to abolish slavery. Legal maxims and legal terms hi guys, legal maxims and legal terms are something which have been frequently asked in clat and ailet featuring in the english section. As a student at the pontifical institute of mediaeval studies in toronto in the 1960s, i enjoyed noting the antique flavor of the language of ontarios lawyers and courts, a daily echo of the old legal systems that formed the content of the courses i was. After all, at one time, the romans had conquered most of europe, the middle east, and north africa. The following terms are just the most popular ones. The heading or introductory clause which shows the names of the parties, the name of the court, and. If you just went to court for the first time there are definitely some legal terminologies you came across that only apply to that sector and nowhere else. Different terms may have different meanings based on the specific area of law or the context in which they are being used. The judicial branch does not warrant the accuracy of the information contained in this list nor is it responsible for any errors or omissions and assumes no liability for its use.

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