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Resolving a controversy on the relationship of development to democratization, this article expands the time period under study with panel data running from the early nineteenth century a time where hardly any country was democratic to the end of the twentieth century, and shows a positive and significant effect of income on the likelihood of democratic transitions and democratic consolidations. Carles boix is the author of democracy and redistribution 3. Political decentralization the choice of independence asset specificity and independence federalism 4. Cambridge core political theory democracy and redistribution by carles boix. Democracy and redistribution boix pdf published by february. Libro democracy and redistribution pdf epub librospub. Balance of payments manual bopm, 5th edition, revised the definition of fdi as. Strong theories, weak evidence the effect of economic inequality. Request pdf democracy and redistribution employing analytical tools borrowed from game theory, carles boix offers a complete theory of political transitions.

Separation of powers as a mechanism to limit democracy presidentialism and the rising stakes of the game 4. Boix democracy, development, and the international system. Democracy and redistribution, authorcarles boix, year2003 carles boix. The state, the threat of expropriation, and the possibility of development 7. Democracy, development, and the international system. Employing analytical tools borrowed from game theory, carles boix offers a complete theory of p. When inequality is high, elites have more to fear from the. This cited by count includes citations to the following articles in scholar. He is a leading scholar in empirical democratic theory and comparative. Carles boix i serra born 29 june 1962 is a spanish and american political scientist, currently teaching at princeton university.

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