Nnbook of life manolo vs bull

However, manolo refuses to harm it and instead subdues it using quick thinking and plays a heartfelt. However, manolo refuses to harm it and instead subdues it using quick thinking and plays a heartfelt apology song to the skull bull in which he is apologizing for. The book of life original score soundtrack by gustavo santaolalla. Manolo truly thinks and believes killing the bull in bullfighting is wrong.

In the mexican town of san angel, manolo diego luna, maria zoe saldana and joaquin channing tatum have been friends ever since childhood. It was first encountered by manolo sanchez as his challenge for coming back to life. He is a sweet, compassionate young man who truly loves and cares for his family, his best. Will manolo give in to his family expectations that demand to kill the bull or be able to listen to his heart and make his own decision. The book of life movie clips 2328 manolo vs the big burning bull, the apology song scene. Manolo and music its significance and some fan overthinking. The book of life movie clips 2128 manolo vs the thousand bulls scene by mv playlist. The sleeves of his chaquetilla have curls protruding from the. The film features the voices of diego luna, zoe saldana. I do not own anything used in this video the book of life soundtrack the apology. The book of life is a 2014 american 3d computeranimated musical fantasy adventure comedy film coproduced by reel fx creative studios and 20th century fox animation, and distributed by 20th century fox. Joaquin is a town hero, manolo is trained to be a bull fighter despite his refusal to kill, and they both want. Toro muerto is all the bulls that all the sanchez family bullfighters have ever killed in bullfighting merged into one giant monster skeleton bull. Steven universethe book of lifemanolo vs joaquin duration.

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